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Grace Gave 56

Her name is Grace. She had $56 saved in her piggy bank. It was all that she had and the exact amount that she wanted to give. Last Saturday night, I said hello to Grace who attends our church. She was walking in with her dad. I stopped to check in with them....

Why OFF Mode is the BEST Mode (At Camp)

Real quick today. I’ve got some wisdom for peeps heading off to summer camp! Turn your phone off and leave it alone unless you are taking pictures. (I’m saying this online so you don’t punch me. But I really and truly mean it. If you turn your phone...

5 Things Every Graduate Should Know

Every year at our church’s youth group grad night we watch parents share their stories about their children growing up and what they have become in what seems like a all too short amount of time.  Parents ask the same thing every year. “Where did the time...


You Are Wanted.

How the city of Lakeland, Florida is responding to domestic human trafficking.

Feature story by Brooklyn Lindsey & Kelly Green-The Lakelander Magazine

We Never Need Nobody

The young student scribbles the words “I don’t care” across his test paper. Later, when the teacher goes to the student to ask why, the child says, “I don’t know why I wrote it. I’m hungry and just can’t think.” He just can’t think. Because he hasn’t eaten since...

That’s Going To Leave A Mark

The inked words spell out all is grace. Permanently imprinted, it’s an external symbol of an internal transformation. This year, a few friends did something remarkable together. They lived on the brink of impossible things. For Ida Mundell, a homeschooling mother of...


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