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Brooklyn Undefined {brook-lin} n.

1. Not just a borough of New York City, this Brooklyn is a Christian creative person, she is a wife & mom, writer & speaker whose expertise in youth ministry comes from 16 years working in the trenches of youth ministry 2. Idea sessions, beach retreats, acai bowls, and piles of books are her favorite 3. Dedicated to connecting the vision of the past with the Hope of the future by unleashing the passions of young leaders in the present – a bridge if you must – but not just to Manhattan 4. Her heartbeat is justice advocacy–her hope is to mobilize the church through the passion and influence of teenagers in order to interrupt the cycle of poverty and injustice in the world 5. Known for her down-to-earth style and transparency 6. Thanks God for an opportunity to participate in global youth ministry through the development of emerging leaders and ideas.

Coming soon: www.justicemovement.com

Brooklyn is an excellent presenter. Transparent. Funny. Real. Knows her stuff.

Nashville, TN

Loved how open Brooklyn was when guiding us through the seminar.

Atlanta, GA

Brooklyn has crafted an interesting memoir that will undoubtedly inspire many a young girl.”

New York, NY

Refreshing, passionate, creative, full of energy, dynamic, great tools for ministry.

Nashville, TN

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