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Sweet Revenge: How to Help Your Kids During A Church Plant

Wow. It's been five years. May 2012- I sat at a church plant conference thinking, "this is such great advice, but I highly doubt we will ever plant a church." Then I wrote a blog post to help me remember what I learned...just in case. Turns out we needed the advice...

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Middle School Small Groups #OC17

Today I'll be leading a breakout at a conference for church ministry leaders from all over the world. You can learn more about it here! I LOVE connecting with the youth ministry tribe and always end up gaining just much as I give. Learning is best. And also TEAM...

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What are passions? How do you follow them?

Weekly mantra that never becomes reality... "I'm going to give myself enough time and space to tell the stories that I have lived." They are stories about the crazy inside, about love and family, and laughs on the kitchen counter (usually after we've cried first)....

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You Have A Youth Ministry

I don't think I realized how much the last two years would wreck my idea of what youth ministry is and isn't. The thoughts actually started during a college ministry internship in Brazil, 2001. I conveniently protected the different ideas of youth ministry that I saw...

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Do What You Can

Someone asked me this week, "how do you do it all?" The simple answer is that I don't. I can't. There aren't enough hours in a day or enough energy in my tank to do all of the things. But somehow without much margin this month I was able to do #22 push ups for 22 days...

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Come Home Curious

This was the first year I didn’t post photos of our kids’ first day of school. Something was changing in all of us and the reality of those changes needed to sink in. I needed to wait to talk about it because it felt like a dream. I should back up a little. I started...

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