Voltaire had good hair and also good advice.

“Let us read and let us dance – two amusements that will never do any harm to the world.” Let us read and dance because….


March 3rd is WORLD BOOK DAY! Glory.


My friend Elle and I want to celebrate it now and forever, from this day forward, ‘til death do us part by offering to you, our friends and fellow book readers, THE READER’S DIGESTION BOOK CLUB AND WEBSITE.


Yes, you read it right.



So dance away, because we also have a PLACE for all of our book things.

(Pssst, now is the time to join, because we’re going to give something on our list away this week!)

Come with us!


  1. Give the site a view and let us know what you think!
  2. Join The Reader’s Digestion Club (win something AWESOME)
  3. Buy Gifts For the bookish people in your life (World Book Day and St. Patrick’s Day are so close that when they collide they collide the result is an uber generous saint-like ability to gift book junk to each other. (I’ve even put together a little list of items you may want to buy to make it easy for you to give book love between now and St. Patty’s)


Enjoy the list and we hope to see you around!




  1. The 221B Baker Street Candle – inspired by Sherlock Holmes. A mixt of black tea and just a hint of the leather of old books. – $11
  2. Periodic Table of World Lit Poster – Do we need to explain? $25
  3. Pilot Spotliter 2 Colored- Double Sided Highlighter – $2
  4. Dinosaur Succulent / Reading Companion – $25 + A Trip to Florida
  5. Loaded Latte – $4-14 Depending on How They Take their Coffee
  6. Oxymoronic Sloth On A Bicycle T-Shirt – $24
  7. I Wish This Coffee Were Pizza Mug – $18
  8. Lit Cube – Surprise Box Filled With Awesome Book Geekery $30
  9. Library Card Socks– #SockSunday $10
  10. Save Bookmark – Requires a printer, but it’s FREE!



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