Our summer intern arrived from Pittsburg by train. I was super impressed when I learned that not only had the train brought her to sunny Florida, but it also had carried her car.

First impression: Erin Sigmund is resourceful and adventurous.

Second impression after seeing her t-shirt: This girl knows how to make an impression.

the lion

I’m excited to have her on our team. We have some hefty goals to accomplish together in ten weeks. But I have a feeling that she’s not going to have a problem working through any any of them. Besides planning, participating in, preaching, teaching, event coordinating, fundraising, discipling, leading, organizing, etc. I would really like for her to have the summer to read some books that will help her for decades.

I want her to have some books that she’d position on her desk rather than on a shelf. The kind of books that she can’t file away because they are that helpful. I want her to read some things that give her a vision for something that is bigger than her and outside of her abilities. I want her to soar. I want her to smile. I want her to grab onto youth ministry and never let go. Giving your days to life changing things is the way to live an extraoridinary life. Stories and advice from people who know Jesus, who work with teenagers, or who serve in the church are worth their weight in gold (or in this case, books).

There are probably 20 books that I’d like for her to read right now, but since we have more than a few things to do together, I’m going to give her 10 solid starters.

1.  In the Name of Jesus – Henri Nouwin (Servant Leadership)

2. Overwhelmed – Perry Noble (Spiritual Formation)

3. Getting Fired For the Glory of God: The Collected Words of Mike Yaconelli (Youth Ministry)

4. Middle School Ministry– Oestreicher & Rubin (Middle School Youth Ministry)

5. Getting Students to Show Up – Jonathan McKee

7. The Orange Leader Handbook – Reggie Joiner (Next Gen Faith)

8. Lead Small – Joiner & Shefchunas (Small Groups)

9. Lead Small Culture – Joiner, Ivy, Campbell (Youth Ministry, Small Group Leadership)

10. Love Does – Bob Goff (Extraordinary Living)

Reference Section:

1. A Youthworker’s Guide to Helping Teenagers In Crisis– Hancock & Van Pelt

2. The Jesus Storybook Bible 

3. Youthworker Journal

4. Group Magazine

5. Download Youth Ministry

6.  Orange Leaders Blog

Do you have an intern? What do you ask them to read? What have you read that has changed you? Helped you? Are you an intern? What do you want to read?

Brooklyn Rule's  Erin is cool.

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