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To Save A Life is an indie movie about the real-life challenges of teens and their choices. It’s the kind of movie youth workers, parents and student leaders can get behind: a project inspired by a passion to reach teenagers with life-affirming entertainment. To Save A Life dives into raw youth culture and dares to ask our youth: What’s your life going to be about?

But it’s more than just a movie—it’s a feature-length film with follow-up opportunities like a youth group curriculum, a teen devotional, and a church-wide campaign centered around the biblical concept that we’re never more like Jesus than when we’re reaching out to the hurting and lonely.

Be prepared to be entertained and inspired to live differently. After you see it, you’ll want every teenager in your life and ministry to see the movie when it comes to theaters this January.

I worked on the Devo2Go project. I’m excited about the potential these mp3 devotions have to impact the lives of our students. You can preview every week here.

About the Movie: To Save A Life was written by Jim Britts, a seasoned youth pastor with a film degree from BIOLA University, and brought to life by a team of gifted Hollywood professionals. Produced by New Song Pictures, a team of filmmakers from Oceanside, CA, To Save A Life is being brought to the big screen through Outreach Films, an organization that equips churches with film and visual media tools to reach their communities for Jesus Christ. Outreach Films has been involved in important Christian films such as The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, The Passion of the Christ, FIREPROOF and End of the Spear.

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