Remember the time, back in early 2020 when we went places?

It’s starting to feel like we’ve been living the quarantine life for longer than we’ve lived our regular lives. It takes me a whole year to wash my produce and everything else I buy at the grocery store now. I don’t think anyone ever imagined that this could be real. This life of schooling ALL of the children at home, canceling every meaningful event, and wondering about whether or not we will be able to provide for ourselves and for others has been a real STRESSFUL adventure.

So, back when we were asked to spend 15 days in quarantine, (This was before 15 turned into 30. Do really don’t know how long it will last after that?) I made a little guide for my family and friends to use.

It’s meant to be something meaningful to do while you’re quarantined. It’s a guide to go through with others or on your own. I wanted to help experience extra love and compassion, every day, for 15 days.

Since we’ve got AT LEAST another 15 days inside. I’d love to offer it to you again. I invite you to practice these five things. Practice lamenting, listening, loving, letting go, and — yes — washing your hands. I hope you’ll take time to grow while we have this weird yet sacred time to wonder about what’s working and what isn’t.

Here’s a look the first day.

You can download the whole guide here. 


  • LAVER (wash)
    • Make a Tiktok or record a song acapella, do whatever you want just make it FUN. Share, invite, raise awareness!
    • Face the pain of isolation. Think about what it has felt like for you in the past and what it feels like now. What was lost or damaged. Don’t be afraid to let it all out. Tell someone or write it down.
    • Give your attention to this voice
    • Wonder about what stands out to you.

Each encounter with another human being carries the possibility of changing how we experience the world. In each encounter with another soul we can be struck by beauty, changed by the heartbreak of another person’s struggle, or we can become hardened, wounded, drawn into judgement and criticism, unable to apprehend that despite how they represent themselves, the person in front of us embodies one of God’s ten thousand faces. 

Mark Yaconelli, The Gift of Hard things (p. 44)

  • LET GO-
    • None of us can force forgiveness, but we can create moments where we become vulnerable and open to it.  When we are open to receive it – the ability to give forgiveness becomes greater. 
    • Forgive yourself for a way you’ve isolated yourself in the past.
    • Say it outloud, _______(your name), I forgive you for _________.
  • LOVE
    • Call someone who you’ve isolated yourself from. Maybe you haven’t reached out in a long time. Maybe something happened between you. 
    • No fast food messaging on this one: Text to see if they are available, but then call and spend five minutes asking how someone is and loving them. 

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