It’s a solid fact. Youth ministry thrives on volunteer leadership.

I love volunteers. I love leaders. In many instances, the are the same people. Every one of them contributes something different to a ministry and we couldn’t do the work of youth ministry without them.

However, ministry gets busy doesn’t it. You can get caught up in the loudest things and you find that you are barely pulling things together for that next thing, that next moment, that next meeting. It’s life. Things are layered and ever changing which could leave you vulnearble to neglect the very people who help you make ministry what it is.

Here are 3 ways ways to love the one’s you lead with:

1) Make the call.

Avoid the temptation of relying on facebook, texting, or other written forms of communication. Your leaders are human (well, mostly…depending on whether or not they’ve been up all night at a lock-in). They need to hear the support and care in your voice from time to time. Even if you have to leave a voicemail–it means a lot to them that you would take the time.

2) Give the love.

Encouragement is free. Give them love for all of the stuff they do and for the wonderful people that they are. Show your leaders off. Give them credit in front of other people for the things they have imagined, supported, and led well.

3) Plan times of rest.

While planning next years 846 ways to keep your students involved in your youth ministry, remember that your leaders need seasons of rest just like you do. Set up time in your calendar where programs cease for a week or you find someone to cover for them. They’ll thank you, probably in chocolate, but who doesn’t like chocolate?

Bonus: Make them a sandwich. Everyone needs a sandwich that they didn’t have to make. Sandwiches that are made for you always taste better and make you feel better. It’s a fact.

How are you loving your leaders?

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