Some may not realize how closely the eve of thirty resembles Christmas Eve. There’s an anticipation about what to expect the next morning that drives one to bake cookies (and eat them). A person’s mind dances around before drifting off to sleep as if trying to hold on to the last few moments of 29 before you get the “new stuff” of being thirty. Someone might wonder if life the next ten years will be better than the last, or if it will be worse. No honest person would trade the physical body of a twenty year old. The mind, however, I’m not so sure if that would be traded. A mom who has given birth to a child may wish to transport her crisp mind back to a year before growing a human being but that’s another scenario. A youth worker may want to trade the blood-shot eyes of one too many lock-ins for a pair of fresh ones but that may be all she wants to trade. A world full of new possibilities and hope waits for us every day. I guess that wouldn’t make this day any different. It’s not like I’m speaking from experience or anything.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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