Maybe I’m a weirdo, but God tends to use music that was written for the club to motivate and inspire me in the spiritual and physical realm of ministry.

Lately I’ve been running to a song by Madonna (4 Minutes) where she sings with Justin Timberlake about how they only have “4 minutes to change the world”. The song isn’t about ministry or changing the world by eliminating world hunger (as much as I wish it were) but the chorus resonates with me because I feel that much urgency to do great things for and with God–like I’ve only got 4 minutes.

There’s another song that can bring on tears and joy at the same time. Mary J. Blige sings “Come to Me” (a.k.a. Peace) and there are moments when I feel like God is saying the words to me. “Come to me, I’ll restore freedom, I’ll carve away the waters in your heart.” The song is about a relationship being restored–and the power and passion in the song make me wish that it was God’s song–like he wrote it for us.

The real me has a pretty big imagination. I like to take the truth I find (wherever I find it) and claim it as God’s own, because it is God’s own.

There are so many good things around us. Small things can inspire us to do great things. Hopefully, we are paying attention to be faithful in the moment and to allow God to do the impossible in us.

The irony in this blog post is that I don’t have a lot of time on my hands these days. I have just as much time as anyone else but it seems to be spread thinner than it has in past years. The songs on my ipod remind me that I’m not going to gain any seconds worrying about the future. I’ve got all I need–so maybe I should just live like I’ve only got 4 minutes–living every 4 minutes just as passionate as the last.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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