Even on our best nights–I find myself walking into my church on Thursday morning feeling like youth ministry just barfed all over me. Ew. I know that’s gross but it’s how I feel.

My desk is covered with crap. My assistant’s desk is covered with crap. (And by crap, I mean “Creative Resources All Piled”.)

My mind is trying to hold on to the things it needs to remember (like who wanted to sign up for the retreat but didn’t because they lost the form and they need another one….and who needed prayer because their best friend’s house just burnt to the ground…and remember to encourage your worship leader because she did a fantastic job last night leading…and don’t forget to clean up that smashed cookies in the foyer because you were too tired to do it last night and you definitely don’t want to get the wrap for that even though we did it).

At the same time, there is a wave of relief washing over my mind and soul because I know that we successfully pulled off another week–even though everything in the media booth was trying to convince us otherwise.

The combination of piles, memory loss, and relief are the perfect storm for me. It allows me to get absolutely NOTHING accomplished the first two hours of the morning. Sometimes, I’m really not sure what I’m doing–it looks like I’m just moving piles around on my desk to other peoples desk but what I’m really doing is avoiding all the follow up from the night before.

Here are five things I’m going to do to work on this and I’d imagine there are some great ideas out there–things that you’ve discovered work well to get you back on track after a long night of ministry. Please share!

1. Eat a good breakfast. Who knows what I ate the night before.

2. Dress like I’m going to get something done. (I’d like to mention that it is Thursday as I write this and I’m wearing sweatpants. I’ll start next week.)

3. Make a list for Thursday’s work on Tuesday.

4. Look at that list before looking at email, crap piles, and maintenance staff.

5. Focus on doing one thing at a time, being content that God is doing Kingdom work THROUGH us but it’s not in our own strength. The yoke Christ made for us fits perfectly. It’s easier than the one we’ve made for ourselves. Trade it out and focus in.

Let the Thursday’s in ministry be a day of thriving for us all….

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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