I found myself in a pretty rotten mood yesterday. Our apartment is small and we don’t have much room for a Christmas tree. I’m not complaining–more so confessing that I’ve had a crummy attitude about Christmas lately. What is it that leaves me grumpy about all of the things I wish I had in place? Charlie Brown always catches me off guard and reminds me what it’s really all about anyway (him and little miss Cindy Lou-Who). There’s so much more to the holidays–more than lights and perfectly wrapped gifts–there’s Jesus and there’s family who loves us even when we aren’t so nice. I’m thankful for small reminders of what’s important. Stress seems to magnify the weak in us all. I’m grateful to Christ for being strong when we are cracking under Christmas pressure. I’m even thankging God for fictional characters like Charlie Brown who can speak truth into our lives without the risk of losing our friendship or us getting mad at them. Thank you jesus for coming to us, even though we’re…us.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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