Yesterday was Kirra’s birthday. Since we don’t have any family living close we didn’t have anything major planned for her, but something fun and spontaneous did come up. Our friend Steve stopped by my office at 5 yesterday and said “wanna go to a baseball game?” Coy and I aren’t huge baseball fans but I saw it as an opportunity to do something special on Kirra’s big day. So we packed up Kirra and headed to Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex (about 35 minutes away) and watched the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals play. There was a foul ball in the fourth or fifth inning that flew up above our heads and bounced off the upper level, it shot back down and landed snuggly between my back and my chair. There were people scrambling for it but I calmly pulled the ball from behind my back. It was mine. I couldn’t believe it! The guys behind me said “nice catch”. It was way too easy, and funny, especially for the season ticket holders who usually sit there and haven’t caught a ball yet. I think it was the calmest ball retrieval in baseball history…like, “what’s that in my back, oh, it’s a baseball, well I’ll be…” Coy and Kirra took a walk to the outfield and we shared shifts of Kirra walking around the stadium when she got bored. All in all, it was a fantastic night and a great way to celebrate Kirra’s special day. Thanks Steve for inviting us to watch your team. We had a blast.

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