It was the last stop of the day, our final minutes in the fields of Northern Malawi. A village waited for us to disembark from the land cruiser. There was singing, dancing, and celebrating.

God had provided and they were glad. We were learning that we have a great extended family.

Tears swell in me and I feel sunlight burrowing into my soul until my cheeks burn. There’s just something so beautiful about beings surrounded by miracles.

How often to we walk past each other without taking the time to see the miracle in each person we meet?

We wanted to see their miracle. We wanted to see the farm they had cultivated together with a little bit of help, so we walked away from their homes and their one shady tree into the what seemed like barren land.

It was hot, sandy, beach like, except without the water or the coastal breeze.

Everyone escorted us, children and mothers, farmers, and friends. We walked for what seemed like a mile, to a place where the land opened up to growing fields ready for harvest.

The farmers have worked so hard. But what captured me most on the walk to the field was one insistent woman.

She was a small person, carrying another small person, insisting that she help us.

Lee, our videographer and friend had a 40 pound equipment case he was carrying. If you met him, you’d know he’s totally capable of carrying it on his own. In fact, he could probably carry me, the case, and a still shoot some great footage along the way.

But this small woman, full of thanks, insisted on carrying his case.

I walked in awe.

Wondering how it could be possible.

The strength of her resolve burst through any doubts I’ve built up over time. Doubts about what we can do in God’s strength if we allow Him.

As she carried her son, and our large equipment, I had a thought.

She’s carrying the story.

She may seem small but she has the power to change the world. I’ll never forget her. She’s the boss.
She knows what it’s like to believe and to serve others.

I want what she’s having.

And you “now have this light shining in your hearts, but you yourself are like a fragile clay jar containing this giant treasure. This makes it clear that your great power is from God, not from yourself.” 2 Cor. 4:7

You may be small. But you have this light. Let it shine, let it give you miraculous strength and a heart to heart to carry ridiculously, impossibly, big things.

*thank you lee for capturing this moment, your photo is a gracious gift

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