We’ve lived on Jonila Avenue for 8 months.
Coy and I bought a house with “good bones”, “charm”, “uniqueness”, and a surprise around every corner. (Evidence #jonilajoy on Instagram)

We love this house. We’ve been looking for it for a long time.
But when I say we love it, I think we really mean we love it like we love our children.
There are times when we just want them to go to bed already and stop whining and to please give us a second for crying out loud, to reclaim our sanity.

Among other fun projects. One big one came up sort of unexpectedly.
We didn’t realize how quickly we’d get tired of the roach cave (a.k.a our master bathroom).
So, we demolished it bathroom crasher style without much of a plan.

I’ve been collecting ideas of what I’d like a master bathroom to look like in our perfect beach recycled coastal home on Pinterest. Tucking away ideas for “someday”. Thinking that if I pinned what I wanted that maybe the fairy godmother would wave her wand and I’d get a few things on my list.

Wouldn’t it be cool if Pinterest worked that way? My children would be fed more colorfully and my closets would be organized.

So, when Coy said he was going to take on the project with someone at our church who obviously loves us very much. I got nervous. Should I show him the Pinterest wishlist?
Since we didn’t have a plan. I showed him what I was thinking and dared to cast a vision of the serenity now or never bathroom plan.

All sorts of friends gave their input and help. We hired a few things out.
But mainly, Coy and our friends did the majority of the work.

Today, when I came home. The mirrors that I’ve been drooling over for months were hanging on the wall. I would have been happy with others, but Coy didn’t back down.

He gave me the prettiest i-can-breathe-in-here-so-don’t-you-dare-ruin-the-mood-so-help-me bathroom I’ve ever seen. And the driftwood mirrors are my favorite.
They remind me that dead things can be given new purpose. They can be beautiful things.
They can be given new life.
And that life, reflects the one who repurposed it….

It’s just a bathroom.
It’s not palacial.
But it’s rich with care.
It’s message, intended or not, is “I love you” so I’ll look at your pie in the sky Pinterest grotto and do my best to make this lovely for you.

Thanks Coy.
You amaze me.
I love the bathroom, because you built it.

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