Cereal is better at night. If you don’t know this yet, then please try it very soon. You’re missing a huge part of God’s created order.

I also like writing at night. But lately, my evenings have lacked the environment I need to focus past my cereal to the keyboard. Mainly because we have a nighttime ninja in our house. Her name is Mya. She just turned four and she thinks she is invisible. So, she runs around, blond hair streaking behind her, gathering toys and books like a squirrel and playing games on a cell phone we didn’t even know she had while hidden under pillows or in corners of the house. It’s sort of fun watching it happen just moments after we have put her back in bed and have asked her nicely not to get out of bed again. Ok, it’s funny for like a second. I love this time and I’ve learned to worry less about what’s getting done and pay attention more to what is getting taught by my attention or inattention to my children. I sort of feel like we are doing OK in this area because I usually only need one or two bowls of cereal on nights like these instead of a whole box.

In other less distracted moments this year I’ve been writing away on some topics that matter to us in the movement of our every work with teenagers and adults in the church.

I feel like the conversation is richer when more people are involved in it–so I’m grateful for these organizations who give my writing a wider ministry.

Here are some things I’ve been writing about in 2013-2014. I hope you’ll pour a bowl of your favorite cereal and join the conversation.

Parents | The Other 119 Hours

Ending Childhood Hunger | We Never Need Nobody
Justice | That’s Going to Leave A Mark
Poverty | Parker Street Possibilitarians

Camp | 10 Reasons Why It’s a Good Idea To Send Your 6th Grader To Camp
Camp | The Picnic Table | Why Camp Leaders Mean So Much To Me
Personal Growth | What Are You Thinking About in 2014?
Personal Growth | Do You Need a Digital Detox?
Heart | Why Small Stuff is Really Big Stuff 
Advice | Making the Team
Camp | Those Chairs & Why We Need To Sit In Them
Students | Back To School Bucket List
Students | Never Too Small

Team | 5.5 Ways to Really Connect With Others At Work
Heart | God If I Were You….
Personal Growth | R Words and Twitter Haterz
Conflict | Kill Your Emails Not Your Friends
Generosity | From Deep Wells
Creativity | 15 Ways To Rescue Your Creative Side
Summer Service | What I Wish I Knew
Personal Growth | Youth Ministry Yoga

Students | What Can Happen In A Day
Serving | To Be Known
Education | 5 Things I Learned During the 30 Hour Famine

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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