From a recent slant…

Looking back, I wish someone had been there to tell me how to own my ministry without disowning the church.

For too long I jumped around, waiting for the perfect scenario to do ministry when, all along, the perfect scenario could be found as I remained in imperfect community, with humility, seeking to serve and share the gifts I’ve received with others.

When I came to my current assignment, the word God gave me was remain. Remaining somewhere gives a person a track record that can be telling.

“I can trust you.”
“I’ve seen you weather storms.”
“I know you won’t lose track of my kids… Okay, you’ll probably lose track of my kids! But I know you’ve trained and equipped enough leaders that someone will notice quickly and you’ll have a plan.”
“I know when you tell me something, it’s the truth.”
“I know if I’m being corrected it’s because you love me, just like you’ve loved so many before me.”


Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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