The bottom line. We can’t thank our leaders enough. It’s impossible.

When writing thank you cards a few weeks ago–in a moment of whimsy–I wrote this line on my note to a leader,“We built this city on rock and roll…and on youth leaders like you.” I’m not sure why Starship was the soundtrack that day but it was fun and different and hopefully something our leaders had to read twice.

The problem, I wanted to send the message to all my leaders, not just a few, and not in an email but in a personal card with a unique message that reflects my personality as a leader.

So I sent my thoughts to my friends at CEDESIGN and they took it to another level. I love the new thank you post card-that I can duplicate and send often with a personal note written on each card–plus it’s totally us.

How do you thank your leaders? Maybe you’ve got the perfect thing to say and just need a little help. Go ahead, go old school. Print out some post cards and get to thanking.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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