I’ve been spending a lot of time teaching the Bible to our students this year (go figure). We’ve been going through The Story, a teen edition of the Bible that is condensed into 31 chapters. We are on week 10–grappling with what it means to listen to God and know Him. This journey is changing us…but that’s for another post.

As I thought about the text, video, and message for this week I couldn’t shake thinking about Jesus. Maybe it’s because Easter is just around the corner. Or maybe it’s because our whole church is on a vegetarian Daniel fast and I have to continually seek Jesus to keep from cheating each and every day. Or maybe, just maybe it’s because God is speaking to me about why I’m here doing what I do in the first place.

It’s about Jesus.

If I’m not in a position ready to share the person and work of Jesus Christ with my students each week, I’m missing the point. Every now and then I think it’s important to come right out as ask the group. Do you know Jesus?

Not, “do you know him like you know your teacher at school” know him. I mean do you KNOW him? Do you know him well enough that you could make a good guess at how he might respond in a situation. Do you know him well enough that your confidence is great because of who he is (not because of what you are not). Do you know that you can be forgiven and don’t have to live in guilt? Do you know that if he sets you free, that you really will be FREE? Do you know that God is with you always and you are NEVER alone? Do you know that God wants to fill your life with PURPOSE?

I don’t have a fancy outline tonight. I don’t even have a great story to tell to hook their attention. All I have tonight is Jesus. A few verses from the Book of Romans that tell it like it is. A video sharing the story of a man (Samuel) who listened to God and knew him well, and a voice to share with a hundred or so middle schoolers about what their status is.

I’m ready again today to lead students to Christ just like I want to lead my daughters to Christ every day. It’s a non-negotiable gig for me. I hope it is for you. If it isn’t, then you should probably ask yourself why. Thank God for days like today–days of clarity, vision, and pure child-like trust that God can do what God said he would do.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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