If I had to boil down what youth ministry is in two words, I’d have to choose the words HUSTLE and FAITH.


Because loving and serving others isn’t something that just happens when you daydream about it, write about it, or mention it to a friend. It happens when you do it. And once you’re doing ministry with real live humans, you find yourself in a pot of potential. Potential loss. Potential joy. Potential plans foiled by weather. Potential let downs. Potential heart breaks. Potential best days of your lives.

It’s all of it. But it doesn’t exist unless you get into it.

Connecting with people. Loving them. Asking questions. Listening. Saying “yes” and then adding something of yourself to the relationship and situation.

Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes it brings energy. Other times, it wrecks us and rocks us and opens the door of doubt.

That’s why we need FAITH.

We need so much faith to believe that God’s words about us are true and that his Son and his Spirit are alive and well in our work and in our lives.

This month has been a historic in my heart. We went out to meet the movement of teenagers and leaders who will change the world as we know it, the youth ministry nation, who is mobilizing to seek justice as they love mercy and walk humbly.

The launch of THE JUSTICE MOVEMENT in the USA, Canada, and in Mexico wouldn’t have happened without over 50 volunteers HUSTLING and exercising FAITH. Some people didn’t know why they came to the events where I was speaking, they just wanted to help. The ways they hustled and had great faith gave the movement momentum. I’m so ridiculously overjoyed about it. All I can do is say THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

Every single person had my heart like “whoa”. Whoa God! I didn’t know how much work you have been doing. I tend to forget that the work I’m doing is backed up with legions of power and ability with YOU! You made us and give us what we need when we say yes to expressing your love in the world. Your power is perfect. Your grace is all we need.

I want to thank everyone who has walked with me this year. The Justice Movement is, because you are.

And if this is looking a lot like you right now. Hustle. Faith. Hustle. Faith.

Then, you’re right where you need to be.

Hustle + Faith = Ministry


(Photo: Carlee McDonald / That one time when we pushed a cart with a crooked wheel across Lousiville to deliver 7,000 invitations to teenagers on a hot July morning. I only survived #NYC15Lou because you and Erin and the GM team were out there with me, hustling and having great faith.)



Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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