This weekend we tried our first “For Sale By Owner Car Lot” to raise money for our summer mission trip. The idea was for people to pay us $25 for a space in our high traffic lot for a safe, secure, and fun place to sell their car over the weekend. We had a grill going, bake sale, and even a lender there to give loans to buyers. It was a great idea. The students showed up early and we had a pretty successful day, $888 dollars that we didn’t have before. However, our previous fundraiser (golf tournament) raised $24,000. It was hard to resist feeling like this fundraiser was a fail.

But here’s where we scored. I got to know Cody today. I discovered that Abbey is not so good at food service. I found out that Crystal really could use our prayers. Youth worker Paul is awesome at bringing life to the party. Marissa has a gift with children. Youth pastor lesson: just because a fundraiser doesn’t yield the big bucks doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth doing. Because I would spend this time and effort again, even without the $888.

Anyone else have a “fail” that was totally worth it?

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