Five things we’ve learned this month while gaming it up in Middle School ministry at Highland Park.

1- MS Students have selective hearing when standing in front of a crowd. We’re much better off if we select gamers before the service and give them instructions while their peers aren’t staring them down. This gives them more confidence going into it and our games go off much smoother.

2- Practice youth ministry solidarity. Always pick one or two adult volunteers to play with the students. We’ve got to be willing to be humiliated from time to time to earn their trust and to create some really great memories.

3- Test the game. Always test the game. Ask things like:

Will the stench from those sardines somehow find a way into my office?

Could a teenager choke on a marshmallow if it falls from six feet in the air into their syrup covered mouth?

Will I still have a job if we play this game?

4- Make sure you have game supplies lined up and ready to go…before you actually play the game. The thought here is simple but the game is often the last thing on my mind during the week and it’s an easy thing to forget.

5- Have the camera ready. Games are a great opportunity to capture the fun in your ministry. Use the pictures or videos for the students to see and show their friends.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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