Yes, I did it.

I pedaled a Razor scooter home from work today. It’s been in my office for a few months (I’m really not sure how it got there. Things like that happen often in a youth ministry office). Anyway, something compelled me to ride it home.

It wasn’t too bad, with only one super difficult part–carrying it for a long spot because there was no sidewalk…just sand and grass.

I learned two things from my Razor journey today.

1) We shouldn’t underestimate the muscular stamina one needs to skate. My right leg is numb from balancing and my left leg is numb from pushing off (what do you call that anyway?)

2) I know why skaters don’t wear flip flops. To say that I need a pedicure after today’s journey would be an understatement and a scary sight for any pedicure professional. I’ll wait a few days for my toenail to fall off and then get some work done.

Cheers to skaters and young Razor lovers, my Hurley hat is off to you.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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