The photos in my inbox made me jump out of my seat and yell. Yes, yell, except no one was around to hear it.

It’s weird not being in an office full of people trying to concentrate when this happens. Usually, I’d bust through someones office door and say, “sorry for being one of those loose canon office workers today BUUUUUT look, you’ve got to see this email, it’s real, it’s happening!”

Then, the person (knowing my need for spontaneous celebration at any sign of progress) would stop what they are doing and get coffee with me or run around the office telling other people why a little thing is such a BIG thing and why they should stop everything to notice and not miss it because life is too stinking short for not noticing the small things. They know I would do it for them, in a second I’d drop everything to raise the banner of small things not to be lost in the bog of a days work.

It’s something I miss about working in building with other humans.

Since I can’t do that today. I’ll do it here.

Look at what was in my inbox yesterday!!!

JW Bottles

What is it? It’s an invitation.

Have you ever received a water bottle invite to a party? Probably not. But it won’t be long and one of these will be in all of your Instagram pics because you love what it stands for more than you love that coffee with the swirly heart designed froth that you paid your weekly allowance on. Nope. You’ll be saying things like “just water for me please” with a smile because you know it’s changing someone’s life. Ah. Yes!

So, they’re are on the way. 7,000 Just Water bottles that will be given to the amazing high school students attending a USA / Canada regional youth conference this July in Kentucky. They’ll be given as an invitation to do something bigger than them, to try something challenging, to be the Church that the world needs them to be if we want to see justice flow like a river.

The Justice Movement is alive in us.

I can’t wait to see these beautiful bottles in the hands of the Church.

One bottle in their hands could change a child’s life forever.

I’m looking into forever and seeing the faces of teenagers.

Ok. Let’s go tell everybody. Please pause to go get a slurpee at 7-11 because you’re probably not going to want one later.

// Also—I’ll be hand delivering bottles to my friends who will be joining me in Kentucky. You get to see all of this roll out! Amena, Eddie, Tommy, Eric, Joe, Lecrae…I’ve got a bottles with your names on them. Thank you for believing in me before you were riding with your top down listenin’ to your Jesus music. Thank you for saying yes when I invited you to do little events for small crowds in towns you have to drive hours to get to, thank you for being my friend. Thank you for loving the Kingdom and for rocking it out every day in the way you live. I can’t wait to see you plus 7,000 amped high school students in a few weeks.



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