Every week our youth leaders come together to get to know our students in our ministry. With less than two hours to serve on Wednesday nights, we try to do the impossible, connect with teenagers who are more excited about hanging with their friends than hanging with us (no matter how cool we are). My husband picks up on things like this when he sits through our worship service. He says things like, “The teens need to get to know the adults better.” My question has often been, “how”? When I asked him to help me out next week in my absence he said he wanted to interview some adult leaders instead of writing a message. As I thought about the idea I realized that it’s probably something I should have considered much sooner. With a few moments for our students to get an honest, funny, serious, and somewhat up close encounter with our leaders we’ll multiply our chances of teens feeling like they can connect with them. We’ll start with three adults next week. A few random and funny questions will be in order for each leader but Coy will gradually move to asking questions about their own struggles and maybe how that led to them trusting in God. I’ll be in California while this is going on but I know God is going to use Coy’s wisdom to bring our large group into more intimate and healthy relationships with some of our adult leaders. We’ve grown so much in this are over the past year and I’m so I’m excited to see how these testimonies will open up doors for deeper relationships.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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