There are just some movie lines out there that are simply glorious. I was watching A Charlie Brown Christmas (again) today to get ready for our middle school worship gathering tonight and one line made me smile and feel really happy inside (sort of like when a puppy gives you kisses or a baby squeezes your finger).

A friend of Charlie Brown, after listening to a bit of his rant about commericialism and depression says:

“Out of all the Charlie Browns in the world, your the Charlie Browniest of them all.”

I love that.

Charlie Brown wasn’t about trying to impress anyone. He was being himself and in the end, being himself proved to be really helpful and inspiring to everyone else.

I may have issues. I may be a mess sometimes…ok most of the time. But I hope that when people are around me they know that they’re getting the real deal. I hope that what you see in Brooklyn is just that, Brooklyn, the person God created, no apologies no disguises, just Brooklyn. I hope that the person I am is helpful and inspiring because you can be yourself around me too.

I hope you can say, “out of all the Brooklyn Lindsey’s in the world, your the Brooklyn Lindseyist of them all.”

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown.

Your hands made me and formed me; give me understanding to learn your ways. Psalm 119:73

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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