This is a guest post by Josh Griffin. He is the High School Pastor at Saddleback Church and blogs at

What I really respect about Josh (besides the Griff Bomber’s ability to defend his title as Kill Ball Champion of the World) is that he articulates a vision for youth ministry that’s practical yet visionary. He’s also a great friend and dad. If you don’t believe me, check the evidence on Instagram: joshuagriffin 

The Best Kept Secret in Your Church

I recently realized that our youth ministry was one of the best kept secrets in the church. I walked around the adult services last week and read every word in the church bulletin – and found hardly a mention of our high school ministry. Now certainly in a megachuch with so much cooking you could explain away this news, but I know from my 7 years in a smaller church this happens everywhere.
Here are a few questions to get you thinking about raising the visibility of your student ministry:
  • What is the most visible print piece our church does?
  • Can you find us incredibly easy on the website? On the church app?
  • Should we create a basic 1st timers/visitors pamphlet?
  • Where are the highly trafficked hallways where we could place materials?
  • Is there a place for us to be featured in the new members class?
  • Are we represented in the church annual report?
  • How can we increase word of mouth with parents and families that have had a great experience with our ministry?
  • Would a “welcome lunch” or “orientation meeting” help in some way?
  • Is the right contact information listed? When people DO find us is it in a format we will actually follow-up on?
  • Is there a chance we could host a service every quarter?
  • Is there a way for us to be better integrated on stage?
  • Could a representative of our ministry do the welcome/bible reading/announcements?
  • Do we have a champion on the elder board / leadership?
Don’t let your ministry become the best kept secret in your church! What other questions would you add to the list?

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