My husband has been working and serving as a volunteer in my youth ministry for 13 years.

He sees things through a unique and important lens. Most of our ministry is powered by volunteer youth leaders and he often sees things that I overlook because I’m up close to the canvas of things and miss the aerial big picture view that I’d like to keep in perspective.

And I love that he’s blogging now.  Finally, some of the many treasured conversations that I’ve been blessed to participate in, he’s writing down. Lucky me. Lucky us!

Here’s a little sample of his most recent post.
Relevant to anyone who works with teenagers.

Especially those who have the tendency to want to steal your food, or at least arm wrestle you for it.

Learning to connect with Middle Schoolers by Arm Wrestling

No, it wasn’t my idea.
Yes, I did win.
My wife, Brooklyn, is a Middle School Pastor.  Naturally, I find myself hanging around Middle Schoolers most Wednesday Nights.  100 to 120 Middle Schoolers.
Last Wednesday Night, I happened to be sitting at a table eating Chic-fil-A with my daughters before the youth service started.  The smell of chicken nuggets activated the natural instinct of hunger in one Middle School boy.  He pointed to our food and said, “Is that mine?  I”ll take that.”
My reply was, “Sure, you can have it if you can beat me in arm wrestling.”  I was totally joking.  I thought he would get the hint there’s no way he is getting mine or my daughters’ food.  Obviously, his appetite for Chic-fil-A convinced him otherwise.
This 5 ft tall, 70 lb boy sat down at my table and said, “Let’s go.”
“No,” I said.  ”I’m not going to arm wrestle you.”
“What, are you afraid to lose?” he said.
That was it for me.  I won’t be heckled by a Middle School boy.  We put our elbows on the table, gripped each others hands, and started the match on the count of three.
Slowly, I pressed the back of his hand to the table.  ”Let’s do it, again” he challenged.
Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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