Our youth office has a “stash”, a cabinet (or two) filled with the left-overs. I’m talking about the box of alka seltzer, jars of baby food, shower caps, random prizes from local thrift stores, and bags of cotton balls left over from various games we’ve played during our youth program. With budgets dwindling we’ve been become a bit more creative in our gaming strategy.

May I introduce to you, the Box O’ Thrills?


One left over box from the the paper reams your office goes through ever week from printing worship folders. Decorate wildly with left over glitter, markers, pipe cleaners, fuzz, whatever you can find laying around. It’s important that the box has a lid.

One-old bicycle helmet. It’s great if you can find one with a story–or with a lame cartoon characters.

A life vest is optional. We found a tiny one on clearance. Perfect.

Lots of random stuff and the occasional cool thing (like a gift card or free t-shirt).

Here’s how it works.

Load “The Box O’ Thrills” up with all things random. I’ve filled our box with cereal and bouncy balls before. Every now and then put something really awesome in there.

Pick a student in your ministry to endure the box. Give them a helmet.

Explain the rules. Whatever is in the box, they can keep. It’s theirs–no one can rush the stage to take the items unless they would like to share. However, the box must be dumped on their head.

Elevate yourself, either on a stage or on a chair so you can open the box over the student. Have all the students count down from ten, then unleash the randomness.

It’s no fail. Ok, I take that back, it’s no fail unless you decide to put a six pack of Coke in there. Soda can explode in such a situation, not that I know from experience.

Have fun–this game can last for weeks and has legendary potential. Plus, you’ll get to clear out off of the left-overs to make room for more dodge balls.

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