This year in our youth ministry, we purposefully dedicated time connecting with parents. We meet during a scheduled youth program in a different location once a month to talk about things they have in common as parents. We’ve talked about how to be better listeners and communicators. We’ve cried together over the frustrations and near exhaustion that comes as bi-product of the onset of puberty in their children. Parents have helped each other with advice and prayer. Mainly, we’ve asked more questions than given answers. Nevertheless, it’s been in the asking that we’ve begun to grow. I came across this article that tracks a similar course. It gives more than a sweet encouragement for us to promote intentionally spiritual parenting–it gives us questions to ask and good reason to ask them. Print this article by Stephen Ingram, hang it in your office, and make it a point to ask these questions to the adults who have more influence on your youth group than you do.
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