You can learn a lot about spirituality from your children. Kirra, our 2 year old daughter, prayed this prayer before going off to sleep tonight.

Thank you for mommy.
Thank you for daddy.
Thank you for Cinderella.
Thank you for family.
Thank you for baby sister.
The end.

Teaching teenagers to pray, or even having a dedicated prayer time as an adult can be a challenging thing. Then I’m reminded as I reflect on the simple and pointed prayer of our daughter that God only desires that we talk to Him. He knows our needs. He doesn’t need our extensive vocabulary or drawn out pleas.

Thank God.
Be real.
Know that God understands our hearts–even when we believe in Cinderella or close a prayer with the way we end a book.
God loves us.
We can rest in that.
We can pray and don’t have to be ashamed.
Just talk to Him.

Thank you God for Kirra.
Thank you for teaching me how to pray.
I know you love me and that’s a pretty cool thing.
Help me to remember that when I forget.

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