When I met 17 year old Coy Lindsey he already knew what he wanted
to be when he grew up. I didn’t. I was still uncertain about future stuff
so I headed in the direction of ministry.

Ten years later, we found ourselves married with our first baby on the way. There was a big decision to make about who would stay at home with her during those precious early days.

It was difficult for me to put my mind around it, the notion that I would continue working while my husband stayed at home. It felt weird. It seemed selfish. He assured me that it wasn’t. He was tenacious about reminding me of the reasons for us choosing me. He was certain that I couldn’t quit. Which meant that he had too, at least for a little while.

Shortly after the birth of our daughter our living and ministry situation changed. We relocated to Florida, moved into an apartment just a mile away from church, and Coy began his stroller walking routine.

Every day, sometimes more than once a day, he would walk our baby girl to my office for me to feed her and he’d walk her home. She sat on the kitchen counter in the bumbo while he did the dishes. He never complained one day about it and hasn’t since.

Now, our girls are a bit older, and we’ve been co-pastoring the Saturday Night community for a couple of years. I told someone early on that it feels like I’m getting to know my husband in a completely new way, as I hear him preach, interpret the Bible, be led by the Spirit, serve others, flex his commitment to the least of these…it’s just so encouraging to watch.

That’s why it makes my heart happy to see him doing what he was called to do since he was four years old. That’s why I’m so grateful that we work for a Pastor who cares so much about young leaders that he is willing to give some of his preaching ministry away to them.

Some of the people we left in Texas when we moved to Florida–eventually landed here too. Working together is changing us–it’s shaping us–and we’re finding that there really is so much wisdom in stability.

I want to thank the tech team for making so much of what we do each week possible and for capturing our hearts as we preach. We can’t wait to see how Highland Park Church will continue to grow in the next year.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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