I don’t know how this week shaped up the way it did but it turned out to be an vivid example of random and wonderful all balled up together. I can’t unpack it all but each moment left a mark on me. I learned something different each day, was challenged, inspired, comforted, and equipped. Here’s the run down of one of the most random weeks ever.

Thursday- Pick up friend Lindsay from Tampa airport, drive by Jonas Brothers concert–we could hear the shrieking from the highway.

Friday- Drive Lindsay to Hyatt World Center in Orlando, meet friend Mark to load into his pick-up truck for our drive to Indian Harbor Beach (Coy, Kirra, Brooklyn, Jenna (Mark’s middle school daughter, and Mark…yikes!)

Friday afternoon- arrive at Mark’s cousins’ beach house. Hang with Jenna, meet east coast friends David, Dawn, and Jacob for dinner and ice cream, realize how simple life can be, sleep on a pull-out couch.

Saturday- load up all five children (some babies) into mighty conversion van for beach time. Eat Luna bars for lunch. Waves are too messy and strong, end up going to park where we encounter baby turtle hatchlings. Am in awe.

Saturday night- attend church and check Kirra in to child care (relief!)

Sunday- church, unload new high school pastor in their beautiful home, attend college ministry.

Monday- attend District Leaders Conference (Church of the Nazarene)/ Big Picture training in Orlando. Listen to Mary J. Blige the whole way there–watched the sun come up as I drove east and didn’t worry one bit that I was late. (Ok, maybe I worried a little).

Monday night- Stayed with friend Lindsay at Hyatt. Talked until 2 AM. Don’t regret losing sleep to catch up.

Tuesday- DLC again–met awesome people. Was trained in “Enroute” by Chris (Youthfront) and caught up with friends Jason, Jeff, and Bruce at dinner. Laughed a lot and came up with a great idea during the evening session.

Wednesday- Volunteered for “Gitomer Live” to get in free at the his business conference. It was a stark contrast to the day before but worth every minute. Jeffery Gitomer gave me some gems to take home (one being not wasting people’s time with stupid voicemail greetings and not wasting my own time making cold calls).

Wednesday night- led middle school worship service and prayed with a student burdened with grief. Was really happy that Rick (our new high school pastor) is finally hear to share the ministry). Got real tired but had to stay up late to pack for trip.

Thursday- Flight to Ohio, dinner honoring Coy–LHS Hall of Fame. He gave the most heart-felt and eloquent speech. I’m incredibly lucky to be his wife.

Friday- chilled, read, hung out with family, attended the induction prior to the football game. Soaked in a bit too much humidity, got tired and cranky but worked through it by morning.

Saturday- visited with family–sat in the porch swing–then flew home. Picked up Chipotle in Orlando and came home to get our butts spanked by USC. Oh well, the week couldn’t be perfect now could it?

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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