In our youth group, it’s common to find us dancing.
Whatever “it” is, if it’s good clean group fun, we’re unashamedly holding on to
it as youth ministry real estate–it’s that simple.

For the last school year, we’ve been rocking out to a song called the Interlude.
We asked our high school pastor (Tomy Gunn Cummins)
to put a little video together to help
anyone participating learn the dance in about 5 seconds. He lived up to his facebook profile and delivered the goods.

Easy. Fun. Collective wonderful-ness. All year.

I guess it’s why if I’m ever speaking anywhere with a little flexibility in their schedule I try to squeeze a bit of dancing in before I talk. Why not?
On Thursday, my family was in the front row while I was speaking at my alma mater, my sister Betsy recording on her phone.
Embarrassing for me–fun for everyone else! But I’m really happy she captured the spontaneity. This is me, a little nuts. Being myself.

My hope in being a little nuts? So other people can know we’re all pretty much starting at the same place. Here’s the footage. If you find yourself
feeling a little embarrassed for me, that’s OK. It’s on purpose and I
hope it sets you a bit more at ease to be whoever God has called you to be.

Thanks Betsy for thinking I’m hilarious. For being cut from the same cloth and understanding my incessant need for group choreography. You get me. “Pharoah, Pharoah, O baby let my people go”….and then the car bottomed out and we look around to see that we are all safe and no one died (that’s another blog post for another time: why teenagers shouldn’t be in charge of the car pool).

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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