There are really only two scenarios where you’ll find me snoring like a lumberjack.

When pregnant, even if only for a day, something happens in me to create an environment where I can saw some serious logs.

The other scenario would be on a flight with the seat in the upright position, no neck pillow.

Add twenty-ish hours in the air to the typical lumberjack concoction and I’ve got some seriously interesting sounds coming out of me.

After a team mate snapped a picture of me sleeping, mouth gaping open, I realized I needed a plan of action.

And I did what all the smart people do and started sleeping with the blanket over my face.

Call it anti-social. But I’m good with that. Eyes covered with the burnt yellow Ethiopian air eye covers, hoodie up, head phones on, blanket covering my full body and face…no one is getting a picture of this chick.

At the same time, I enjoyed a great cave like sleep experience that burned a good six hours away.

Why didn’t I pick up the blanket culture sooner? It works. Try it the next time you have a long flight.

What’s your best travel trick?
Blanket or bust baby.

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