What are our biggest needs?

There have a been a few books written on women in youth ministry (one book in particular was super helpful to me when I first started). There have been some ideas discussed over the years and in various circles offering encouragement. At the same time, the needs are ever changing as our contexts change. I am a women in youth ministry and I’m still not sure what my biggest and most important needs are as they relate to being a girl.

There are a few things I’m pretty sure I don’t need…golf lessons, gun range memberships, fantasy football, or pork rinds. I’m sure there are women in ministry some where that enjoy these things, but I’m pretty sure I don’t need them at the moment. The thing is everyone sort of needs something different.

What are your needs? I’d love to hear the voices of other women who do what I do–to find out what their big needs are, and if they are growing and edified in relationships (as they relate to youth ministry). Being a part of community is knowing the needs of it’s members and then doing our best to help meet those needs. But what are the big ones? Where do we need the most help?

Maybe we should ask the guys in our circles what our needs are? Maybe they would have some insight that we aren’t able to see being so close to the canvas? If you’re married to a lovely lady in ministry, what would you say she needs right now to keep her thriving?

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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