I love books.


At the end of the year I shared a post called Brooklyn’s Best Books 2015. It was a way to return to the books that I loved reading all year. I also tossed in the idea of a non book club that my friend Elle and I had been talking about.


Eleventy billion people said, I want to join!

So, let’s do it.

Why not?


Let’s start a book club that doesn’t exclude any life form or person regardless of their ability to show up at a designated location at a designated time. We understand, life happens, but everyone still needs to digest what they are reading somewhere and with somebody.

I’m committed to not living another day of my life under the influence of busyness. I don’t want to be too busy to read books. If we don’t, busy wins. Busy can’t win. So, let’s start a book club and punch busy in the face while we have the time of our lives devouring words with friends.


I don’t know what negative vibes you’ve had your whole life about book clubs—

  • they’re only for girls (books are for all of humanity)
  • they involve crafting (no one should have to craft against their will and everyone who wants to craft should be able to at will)
  • they are circles of judgment and shame (shame is the devil)
  • no one actually reads the books but mysteriously has opinions about them (we believe in reading the things we are talking about)
  • there may be dead bodies in the book club leaders basement (I don’t have a basement and Elle’s is full of stuffed sloth animals that were never living. So, technically they can’t be dead. None of these facts matter because our club is online.)

I don’t know, you fill in the blank. Whatever it is, our book club isn’t that.


We will read books. We will inspire you to read books. We will ask you what you’re learning, thinking, wondering. We will hear from each other. We will feel Oprah nod her head in book club approval.


We’ve joked around about a name so often that we decided to just call it what it is, The Reader’s Digestion Club.


Digestion is the best metaphor.

If you don’t think it is, it’s ok.

But maybe you just need to think about it some more.

Thinking again is sort of like digestion and it helps clarify things.

After you think about it you’ll probably see why cows prefer to eat things 7 times.

And then you’ll be like, oh, I see the metaphor now.

Digestion is good.

And funny.

And perfect.


If you want to join the club. You can. Right now.

Simply find us on Facebook and introduce yourself.

Our first book to discuss will be whatever book you choose.


So here’s what you need to do: find the Facebook group, introduce yourself, tell each other a little about why you would choose the book you did.

Next month, we’ll have more of a communal “reading the same book at the same time” type of experience.

Until then:

  1. Join The Reader’s Digestion Club on Facebook
  2. Introduce yourself.
  3. Tell a friend who would get this, want this, need this—invite them.


Let’s do this already!






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