Coy and I are making preparations to pack the car and the kid up for a roadtrip to Atlanta on Nov. 15. I’ll be helping out at an event called Her-Story, a mini-conference for women in youth ministry the day before National Youth Workers Convention. I’m excited about the opportunity to lead others, but even more excited to see some friends and connect with people who are going through similar things. NYWC is a place where, from year one in youth ministry, I’ve been able to grow a little bit more in areas that I desperately need help in. Every year it’s something new, but every year I go away comforted, equipped, and motivated. There’s just something about the youthworker grind that only other youthworkers can fully understand and empathize with. The solidarity in which we worship together brings me to a place where I can see God clearly–aside from my calling as a youth pastor–a God who loves and cares for me deeply even when I don’t measure up. I can’t wait to worship with youth people from all over, even if it is only for one night it will be worth every mile it takes to get there.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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