Today we were blessed to join Lebron and Anne Fairbanks for lunch at Mimi’s Cafe. We have been wanting to do this for a long time and it finally worked out for all of us to meet up. Lebron is the former president of Mount Vernon Nazarene University and Anne is his wife (also one of the nicest people on earth). They are two of the sharpest, compassionate, loving people we know. While we didn’t know them exceptionally well at Mount Vernon it’s such a joy to get to know them while they live here in Lakeland. Lebron was good to encourage Coy about the writing of his book on environmental holiness and we found many things in common just talking over muffins and some really good chicken pot pie. Kirra was all over the place, spilling milk and mashing up banana bread between her fingers, neither of the two seemed to mind one bit. They only commented on how beautiful her eyes were and how much she has grown since they had last seen her. This is one thing I truly cherish about our denomination, the family that never fades and the people who will always be our friends. I’m sure Lebron and Anne will probably move from Lakeland in the days to come because he works for our denomination in Kansas City. However, we’re blessed to be able to share life together for a season and thankful for conversations with friends.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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