Earlier I posted some things I was thinking about as they related to mentoring, from my brain perspective, which can be confusing if you’re not of my brain. My brain likes to connect everything and can jump serious mental canyons with the trigger of a word or a picture. I don’t mind being off topic. I don’t mind switching gears. I like this about me. God wired me this way. But it can be problematic when articulating thought ideas, so I feel like I need to reign it in every now and then–just in case you were to question my sanity.

I started out with a train of thoughts on why we should be mentoring others. And why Mahala is so important to me. You can read the Mahala Mentoring Post here.

Now, I’m thinking about putting some actions steps in place to make sure that mentoring happens and that it’s not just another idea that dies with the clutter of the day.

I have grown excited about people over the years–but I’ve got to do better than simply being their cheerleader. I’ve got to help them or connect them to others who can help them take their own unique giftedness to another level–Jesus prayed for God’s Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven.
When I found out my distant grandmother’s name, it sort of sealed the deal for me.
It’s what we’re all meant to do. Care for one another so much that we don’t lose sight of each other.

But it takes a purposeful reorientation.

Here’s what I hope to accomplish.

Decide who we’ll journey with.
Naming brings value. There are 12 or so women, friends and students in my life who I want to dedicate my relational leadership investment to. Five years. No matter what happens. I’m going to track with them, and not let go. I have so much to learn from each of them that I can hardly imagine what I’ll be like as a result (probably a lot more like Jesus). They may or may not want to walk down this unknown road, and that’s OK, but the naming begins.

Deliberately make space.
Create some margin for mentoring. Plan meet ups that intentional and purposeful.Talk about accountability, trust, and freedom. Some live far away, thousands of miles away, we get creative, we write letters, we won’t relent.

Discover what’s important.
Making time to share our lives. Making conversation. Dialoging over what ever “it” is that is bringing us to life. If we aren’t living in our passion then we aren’t living. Pray for God to show us where our passion was planned in our souls. Wherever we are. Whatever season we are in. Intentionally helping each other connect, navigate, and lead.

Decipher a goal.
Each friendship and journey is different. Just a minute of jotting out what we hope to see happen, and when we hope to see it happen is important. It may not be anything major, but a milestone, something to work toward together. Growing through challenges and wins makes us stronger.

Discover together.
Look at the big dreams on our hearts. Look at them from every angle. Step outside them. Think of all of the ways that we could be one step closer to them. Practice new things. Give up tired things that aren’t working or getting us there. Take notes. Tear them up. Tie them to our foreheads. Never giving up because we were never given up on.

Dream a new dream.
Decide that every day spent with God is a prayer for God’s ways to become a reality where we live and exist. If it means ditching an old dream for a new one. We’ll do it. Prayerfully soaking up the essence of God day by day, communing with God in ways that enrich our communion with each other.

If you started mentoring someone today. What would you do? Where would you start. This is just the way I’m going to try first. I’d love to know what has brought richness to your mentoring relationships. 

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