There’s a recipe on the side of the marshmallow fluff container with the title, “Never Fail Fudge”.

This looked promising.

The recipe:

5 Cups Sugar
2 Small Cans Evaporated Milk
1/4 LB. Butter
1 Jar Marshmallow Fluff
1 Teaspoon Salt

Melt all of these together, bring to a boil for five minutes.

Then add:

1 1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla
1 Cup Walnut Halves
2 Large Packages of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Pieces

Remove from heat, blend well, pour into a container and allow to cool.

Sounds easy enough right?

There was one ingredient that the Fluff people didn’t count on….ME!

I know possess a vat of fudge topping to pour on anything I wish. It’s not able to be divided to pass out as a Christmas treat—but it will do as a spread on toast or over ice cream I guess.

There’s a person one can write to, also on the side of the Fluff jar, whose name is Lynne White. You can send a $1.00 to her to get more ideas. I wonder if I sent $1.00, if she could tell me what when wrong?

I remember the Thanksgiving my mom accidentally had a burner on the stove on as she placed the turkey (in a glass dish) on it to rest before dinner. I also remember the turkey explosion that sent turkey and shards of glass everywhere, even in the noodles! Pieces of turkey danced over our heads as it had hit the ceiling with such awesome force. We ate a little danish chicken for Thanksgiving that year, all eight of us, laughing all the way.

I guess fudge you can pour from a pitcher isn’t so bad, and I’m grateful that Kirra isn’t old enough to know the difference. Coy, on the other hand, will wonder why we are eating ice cream so often these next few days.

Merry Christmas!

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