I’m married to a pastor.

When I married Coy, I knew what I was getting into because he told me from the start that God had called him to be an evangelist. God called him to preach when he was four. I couldn’t argue with that. But I also thought, with is basketball abilities, that he may have to forego his call to take a job with the NBA. That’s wouldn’t be so bad either.

When I explained to my dad that my future husband planned on being an “evangelist” he was hesitant. “He’s going to be a what”? At the time, I didn’t even know what being an evangelist meant. I had really only been a Christian for about five years so it was that sort of zealous faith and a friendship set on fire (love) that allowed me to trust that being the wife of an evangelist would be just fine.

After finishing college and getting degrees in church ministry Coy found himself in seminary and I found myself in the church, doing youth ministry…why not?

Over the past decade I’ve become a youth pastor. I cherish the ability to influence the hearts and futures of teenagers for Christ.

After seminary, Coy chose to stay at home with our first child, Kirra. He saw how God was blessing me as a pastor, leader, and writer and wanted to support me in that. He was really looking forward to working in the church when Kirra went to school.

Then along came Mya. Our surprise cherub–who we adore. Her arrival meant a few more years for Coy at home. So I had a called minister, successful athlete, seminary graduate, ordained elder, and inspired leader on my hands–joyfully serving our family–waiting for his turn–and honestly I wasn’t sure how he this would all work out.

Enter an opportunity. Our church has multiple services and two campuses. Over time our church leadership has entrusted my husband to be the campus pastor for our Saturday night community. As he has grown, as we have grown together, we are looking forward to yet another opportunity to, in essence, plant a church (within our church)–to co-pastor the body that worships at Highland park on Saturday night.

What I love about this is that we will still be Highland Park Church. We will still be under the leadership and guidance of our pastor. We will have a chance to take risks, try new things, and to see what we are made of…together.

This is an exciting, scary, out of my comfort zone time…I’m a youth pastor (and will continue)…but we’ll be learning new things–in a new context–with new challenges.

I’ll be posting more as things come together, as we pray, as we plan. Coy will be doing exactly what he told me he would be doing the day I met him. He has never waivered. His call has been constant and he has never stopped learning and growing. I can’t imagine waiting for ten years to do the ministry God has called me to do! It’s been in his waiting, in his perseverance, in his level of integrity, character, and confidence that has revealed the heart of a budding leader and pastor.

Coy–you’ve always followed me and supported my cause, and I want to return the gift. I trust you. I’m excited to see how God uses you to build a community that moves from maintenance to mission…and I’m thankful for our church. Our leader, Brett Rickey, who believes in young pastors enough to know when it’s time to stretch us further. And I’m stoked to be doing this with friends, worship leaders and church members who get what it means to join in God’s mission together. Grateful.

Coy shared a song with me that he discovered while dreaming about what our service could look like. I believe it’s energy symbolizes our spirit right now…

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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