Last night we hosted our first middle school skate outreach. I was stunned as students poured in, car load after car load. We maxed out our chairs and had to get more. The bleachers were so full students were sitting on the ground outside during the demo. We had hoped to minister to 200 students, over 500 came last night.

KKSM came in with their team to do a demo and share the gospel message with everyone. It was absolutely unreal. had donated a bunch of stuff for us to giveaway, our band Cedars floored us with a worship set that left “We love you Jesus” resounding in our hearts, Lynn of Meadowlark Design donated her time and resources to paint panels for us to create a special environment in the gym, and the skaters were insanely good at skateboarding. They killed trick after trick and skated for over an hour before us. The craziest and best part of it all is that they guys believe in Jesus. It’s their life. It’s what keeps them going. The message that they shared led over 50 people to rededicate or receive Christ into their lives for the first time. Words can’t express my gratitude for their ministry to us. I’m thankful for a church willing to take risks with me, to see dreams become reality, to make investments that will pour into eternity.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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