Last Wednesday I gave our students some time to think about the “Goliath” in their life, the thing that wants to take them down, the thing that seems to big for them to handle…their responses helped me, made me smile, and broke my heart all at the same time. I listed a few here.

Listening to their hearts is so much more important than reading that next book about how to do ministry or become a great leader. Those books are great and important, but there is a point where we simply must dive into the mess and swim in it. Consider this jump a full out belly smacker–this jump says “I’m listening and willing to help you with your giants.”

people who judge
death, sad being alone
sneaking video games on the school bus
school & guys
not enough time
feeling left out, broken 🙁
sin, bad influences
judging people
my mom
cell phone
a secret I will not tell anyone but God
judging people
when my grandpa died on my bday
5th Grade
being judgmental
fitting in
death of her grandmother
my words
my responsibility
people who judge

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