Partnering With Parents

1.  Here’s where you can find the Lead Small App, an app that can help you connect  with parents more regularly. Some features that will be helpful to you as a small group leader:

  • parent contact info
  • start a group text
  • let them know what’s going on
  • connect them with pop culture, research, helpful articles, inspiration

2. Here’s a family calendar (Cozi) that you could use to  keep track of games and events that are happening within your SG. Meeting parents outside of church is a great way to get to know them and strengthen the trust between the you, the church, and the family.

3. Partnering With Parents Session Notes

4. A resource you can offer to parents as their learning to understand teenage guys & teenage girls, sex/dating, brains, & social media.

Safe Place

1.  Background Checks

2.  Boundaries: Here’s a document my friend Elle put together  for SGLs about maintaining safe and healthy boundaries with middle schoolers. You can get the rest of her Volunteer Handbook (with the editable files) from the Stuff You Can Use Shop.

3.  Best Practices Resource: Say THIS (NOT) THAT Here’s a resource from Weekly that helps SGLs have hard conversations with kids during a tragedy.

4.  Blueprints (since everything seems to start with a B today) YES to a Safe Church Notes

FINALLY. Some of you may be wondering, “what on earth is Orange tour?” Well, I like to say it’s like going to a really helpful toy store, laughing a lot, crying a little, learning more than we can implement today, but being really glad we came because we got SO MUCH MORE than we bargained for…and it made us a better team, and we’re happy to keep doing this thing called ministry because we know that it matters… sort of a place. HERE’S INFO ABOUT WHAT CITIES ARE LEFT AND HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED.



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