Last year I wrote a post about what I packed in my bag for summer camp. I loved hearing about what other people pack in theirs. Not much has changed from this year to last year.

I will say this. I’m packing a few less t-shirts because what youth pastor doesn’t go to camp and buy a shirt or have one given to them? I’m packing 3 T’s this year. 2 baseball T’s for the air conditioned main sessions. Two pairs of shorts that can be worn all week, two tanks, one pair of board shorts, a bathing suit (last year’s edition because no one really cares if your swag is new), beach gear (towel, volleyball, sunscreen, sunnies, hat), athletic shoes, flip flops, pirate gear, cosmetics and undergarments (if changing them is important to you) waterproof cell phone case, and a bluetooth soundlink mini. Music is what feelings sound like. I really believe that. So, I upgraded my sound system for when the moment calls for it.

Here’s a Vine vid to show you exactly how simple and light weight it is to pack only what you need.

What to pack:

  • 3 T-Shirts: If one get’s destroyed, someone who over packed will help you out.
  • 2 Shorts: It doesn’t matter what’s happening. You just wear stuff over and over and no one cares.
  • Towels: Bring the ones you can throw away. They will smell lovely by the end of the week, just pitch those things.
  • Sandals: Forget the running shoes. You have the rest of your life to work out. Get the extra sleep instead.
  • 2 Sticks of Deodorant: One for you and one for someone else. Because you’re a sweetie like that.
  • Swim Attire: Something that covers the B’s.
  • Sunscreen: The spray kind to avoid the awkward “Can you put this on my back” moments when everyone but the bus driver is in the water already.
  • Bible: The one you write in when you’ve taken giant leaps of faith and decided never to look back.
  • Portable Speaker: Priority splurge alert. I got a Soundlink Mini this year for the bus, beach, anytime boredom attacks (it usually doesn’t but it’s always good to be prepared). Tried to get the waterproof case but it was out of stock.
  • A dollar: Just one. At some point, some teenager who just burned 1200 calories trying to land a kickflip will be eye balling the soda machine. Surprise him or her with a buck that you’ve carried with you just for that moment.
  • Band-Aids: They make everything feel better.
  • Larabars & Bai5: Have something healthy ready. The camp diet may kick in early and you may need a back up plan.
  • Starbucks Via Instant Coffee: Don Valencia, the creator of Starbucks freeze dried coffee, had no idea that he was doing the work of the Lord when he created little packages of heaven for all of us to enjoy. It’s worth the $6.
  • Ridic Awesome Playlist: Enough said.
  • Something Ridiculous: Last year at the last minute, I packed a whoopie cushion costume. I’m so glad we did. One of our kids ended up on stage. She won a coffee mug that resembled a toilet. This year’s randomness will have to remain a surprise.

What are you bringing to camp this summer?

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