I’m unapologetic about being a Justin Bieber fan. Let’s face it, the kid rocks.

This music video is one more reason to continue my fan club membership.

I don’t know if Justin is a Christian, but what I do know is that this message is absolutely at the heart of being a kingdom person. What if each of us, who knows Christ would pray this prayer: “how can I make a change”.

My hero in the faith, the late Martin Luther King Jr. closed his eyes once too and he saw something different–and he prayed, not only with his words but with his life. Let’s teach our teenagers to pray and to see a future where they make a difference for Christ in the tears and brokenness they find around them.

*Shout out to middle schooler Nicholas Ulloa who scouted this video for me. We’ll show this during our polk project offering for homeless kids in our community. Thanks to you.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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