Our middle school and high school ministry is utilizing a new space in our building after our services on Wednesday nights. The church has been so gracious to us by moving a large and important family dinner to another night so we can have more space, more time, and more options to connect with teenagers.

Our team came up with a weekly rotation for the room.

Week 1- Grade/Gender Groups: led by our leaders, provides time to respond to the message
Week 2- Games: we’ve scheduled out group games until June. What a load off! Love having this done in advance.
Week 3-Grade/ Gender Groups: building relationships is a major value, so we’ll do this twice a month
Week 4- Prayer Stations: changing up response times to give different types of students/ learning styles space to learn, create, grow, and change.

When there is a month with 5 weeks, we’ll play more games. Who doesn’t want to have fun for awesome prizes?

The reason for my post.
I’d like to hear some creative ideas for prayer stations.
We’ve done a ton over the years but when I ask my friends I always get better ideas than I could think of on my own.

Here are some of the stations titles I came up with today. We may not use every station every time, but they give us a good base to build on. Each month the action of the station will change but the purpose of the station will not.


To start, we’ll have communion available at the RECEIVE station. At REBEL, a student can jot out in red ink anxiety, anger, problems (God hears our bleeding hearts). At RENEW, a basin of water for hands and feet to be washed clean (realizing that God does this in our hearts).

This is the train of thought today. I’d love to hear other station ideas that have worked or that have been meaningful to you and your group. Please comment if you’d like to share an idea!

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