I don’t have much time but I have to mention Queen. She is a wife, a tax collector, and one of the most beautiful, wise, intelligent, and soulful people I have ever met.

She commands our attention with wisdom and care.

She explained to us that sharing the love of Jesus is possible if we are careful about our approach.

She knows the many cultures of Malawi. Her husband listens intently as she speaks. She is regal.

I sat next to her at dinner last night thinking….she could run the world.

Speaking of running things, Malawi’s president flew into the airport at the same time we did. She is a she.

Women draw the water here. They look for the food. And they lead countries.

Men do many things as well but the most fascinating to me last night was watching Queen’s husband acknowledge and listen to the wisdom of his queen.

What a gift Malawi has…the mutual edification of each other.

I hope to journal more on this in the days to come.

There is much more to see and understand.

On a side note: Our team is opening up to each other. Life is returning after the flight where we missed a day somewhere.

I am enjoying the girls who attended NYC who answered the call to participate in the 30Hour Famine last summer with their youth groups and now we are together on this journey.

In Africa.


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