Myself included.

When was the last time you spent more than three days unplugged from the information pipeline and plugged into your loved ones, their beautiful faces, and entrenched in real time conversations, daydreaming, and whimsy?

I can’t remember the last time I was unplugged. A few weeks ago my husband and I spent a week without our children in San Diego but I was still honed in on my iPhone to anything that “needed” my attention.

Technology isn’t bad. It’s good. Facebook isn’t bad. It’s good. Email, while some might contend it is evil due to it’s ability to multiply exponentially, it’s actually pretty amazing and it helps us do things like we’ve never done them before. Twitter connects us to a generation that is learning to speak a new language. Quite a nifty tool for someone who is just learning to speak her own native language.

It’s all pretty good stuff. But I can’t help but thank God for setting the example. Creating the whole world and everything in it, then resting for an entire day from the good stuff. Can you imagine how weird that would have felt to create two entirely new beings called humans, then wait a whole day to spend time with them?


God knew…we need to rest from the good stuff too. The point–we need to rest. We’re wired for it. It creates space in us to receive.

It gives us a glimpse at peace.

It points the way to understanding how we can allow the good stuff to be a blessing instead of a curse.

I get busy. We all do. But God wants us to look at all the good in your life–and take time to rest from it. Even for a day.

In the meantime, I’m logging out. No guest posts. No status updates. (Where’s my dusty journal?) No blogging or tweeting—just rest and quality time for the ones who give me life to do what I get to do each and every day.

I’m resting, not stressing….listening, not talking….seeing, not doubting…..

I’ll be back in December, while I’m gone. I hope you’ll rest some too.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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